A technology-first approach to finance.

At seed stage in 2015
United Kingdom
Exit (PE buyout)
What they do
YouLend is the preferred embedded financing platform for many of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, tech companies and PSPs. Its platform and APIs enable partners to extend their value proposition by offering flexible financing products in their desired branding to their merchant base without necessarily putting capital at risk.
Why we invested
Our investment in YouLend was very much driven by a unique founder-startup fit in CEO & founder, Mikkel Velin. Mikkel came from a background in investment banking, and therefore had a deep understanding of financial markets, which he utilised to articulate an incredibly precise product roadmap for a lending technology platform that could be white-labelled to other business-facing providers. In a world where the number of revenue-based financing providers was accelerating, we were very attracted to the idea of investing in the underlying technology platform that would drive all those brands, rather than choosing a specific winner.
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