We Are Learning

Create immersive learning content like a pro.

In 2022
At seed stage in 2023
Edtech, AI
Co investors
Skyfall Ventures
Sondo Capital
What they do
We Are Learning is on a mission to empower everyone to craft high-quality 3D animations and interactive learning simulations in just minutes. With the help of artificial intelligence, Business and HR leaders can now create engaging interactive learning content, without the need for technical skills or external consultants. The We Are solution is industry agnostic, with a broad range of use cases from sales and leadership training to employee onboarding.
Why we invested
We Are Learning founders recognized the need for corporates to get affordable yet customizable and appealing learning solutions when working on their previous Edtech venture Motimate (sold to Kahoot! in 2021). We were impressed by the product built by the team in just one year, standing out for its Pixar-quality animations featuring customizable characters, and easy to use AI powered scripts, enabling anyone to create engaging experiences. We believe there is an opportune timing for AI in Edtech, and We Are is poised to transform employee training, addressing crucial retention and satisfaction needs.

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