Carsten Salling

General Partner

Carsten Salling

General Partner


I am General Partner at Dreamcraft, managing our investment operations and building a platform for our team to create maximum value for our portfolio companies. I love to invest, innovate and build high performing teams, so I have found my sweet spot as a VC.

My background

I have international experience from leadership roles in Danish Army and Maersk e.g. within strategic sourcing, innovation and business development. Alumni from Danish Army Officers Academy and Copenhagen Business School. Investor since highschool – in startups since 2018.

Companies I am involved in
What Dreamcraft means to me

Dreamcraft is a community of dreamers and crafters, building great businesses through small incremental improvements towards the founders’ vision. We dream and craft, and then repeat.

What excites me

I love to engage with passionate and ambitious founders with growth mindsets, who obsess about solving a great problem they know well and surround themselves with great talent. I enjoy learning about new spaces and models, thus very few cases will be out of bounce for me.

The casual me

I play and go to sports with my three kids. I run, do crossfit and take winter baths with my spouse. We all love to travel. I listen to podcasts about venture capital and entrepreneurship.

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