Mathilde Lyet

Investment Manager

Mathilde Lyet

Investment Manager


I am an Investment Manager at Dreamcraft Ventures, responsible for our investment operation end-to-end, from deal sourcing, analysis, structuring and closing. My role also involves supporting portfolio companies and taking on board roles. And I’m excited to lead our research & investment thesis efforts.

My background

I have an engineering background and have always been curious about science & technologies’ impact on our world. I started my career in the VC world 6 years ago, in advisory, before joining the investor side and doing growth deals across industries. Before joining Dreamcraft, I was with Maersk CVC for 3.5 years where I worked on a dozen deals in the Supply Chain & Climate tech space.

Companies I’m involved in
What does Dreamcraft mean to me

I am a true believer that diversity and complementary profiles are key to long-term growth and that behind every shiny dreamer’s success, there is a (team of) crafter(s) that makes it happen. The best founders I have met so far are aware of their strengths as much as their gaps and attract the best profiles to complement them.

What excites me

I love to see how tech can tackle real-world problems at scale, and I have been mostly focusing on B2B, lastly on solutions serving ‘unsexy’ industries (such as logistics, construction, manufacturing, energy, etc.) and climate topics – the biggest challenge for humanity. I am before all a curious soul and I love learning about new topics every day, and hence the most exciting pitch could be in a segment I have yet to discover!

The casual me

Outside the office, you will find me going for a run or road biking outdoors all year long, even during the *lovely* Nordic winter. And I also love to discover new places to eat out with my friends, sharing our life struggles over a good bottle of wine.

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