Why Dreamcraft?
We are dreamers.

To have the audacity to bypass logic, advice and common sense. To hold fast on intuition and belief. It is not just admirable. It is the rocketfuel needed in any venture.

We are crafters.

Even though a dream can’t be controlled, a business both can and should. A sleeves up attitude that salutes grit as much as imagination, is needed to control the fuel of dreams.

The magic is in
the mix.
Dream free.

Dreams are without limits. They are full of unbound potential that outguns logic and common sense. That’s what makes them both powerful and dangerous. But if none ever had the gut to do something original – society would not move an inch.

A dream is not enough.

Our team is build from founders who have been through stormy forecasts and uphill battles. Through smooth sailing and glorious triumphs. Living in your head won’t get you a perfect product/market fit, nor will it make your dream come true. You need good and solid craftmanship to build a business. Otherwise your dream will stay just that – a dream.

How we operate


Progressive across the line.

Being progressive, for us, is about being curious, streetsmart and visionary. It's about building the next big thing. We strive to be progressive across the line. From increasing inclusiveness in our founder pipeline to engineering startups from pre-seed to series-A.


Sleeves-up engagement style.

The right founders love our engagements that go deeper than just advice. We engage founders with enormous respect and humility. We understand that they are the experts on their own business. And we have our Warstories from our portfolio companies to back it all up.


Transparency matters.

We value honesty, transparency and upfrontness in our engagement with stakeholders around us. In founder engagements, but also in our own LP relations. From the outset of new founder relationship we show trust. We obsess about building it with founders. With the right people, that model works.


Proper crafting.

Great dreams require even greater crafting. We take pride in doing things right and keeping what we do the proper way. We cross our T’s and dot our I’s. At the core, we are people who sleep better at night knowing that we did all the boring work as well. We don’t like to be caught off guard. And we try to pass that on to founders.


Crawl, then walk.

We believe in this old saying, especially when it comes to scaling in startups. Taking every step of the journey is what we do in our own operations and how we advise founders build their companies.


Keeping it cool.

Ultimately, we do everything with a sleeves-up, down-to-earth attitude. We do what we say we do and we know our own limitations. Most of us have been founders ourselves and know the importance of staying humble. We craft in the background to let our founders shine in the spotlight.

Dreamcraft has been invaluable from the moment we partnered 3 years ago. Not so much because of what they say at the board meetings, but because of all the things they do in-between.
Mads Fibiger Rasmussen
Co-founder & CEO, Organic Basics
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