Ryan Bagherpour

Investment Analyst

Ryan Bagherpour

Investment Analyst


I am part of the Investment team at Dreamcraft. I spend the majority of my time working closely with my colleagues in the Investment team in small customized case teams on various investment cases. My main responsibilities involve case sourcing and case investment analysis.

My background

My background includes experience in financial analysis and venture capital. I spent the last year working in auditing in Deloitte’s TopTier department, where I worked with the audit of some of Denmark’s largest publicly listed companies. Additionally, I am currently studying for a BSc in International Business at CBS.

Companies I’m involved in
What does Dreamcraft mean to me

To me, Dreamcraft is where venture capital finds its true purpose in creating value as an investor. The firm’s philosophy resonates with my belief in the power of meticulously nurturing ideas with capital and expertise. Dreamcraft stands out because it is not just about envisioning success; it is about the methodical journey of turning bold dreams into reality. It is this blend of dreaming big and crafting meticulously that energizes our support for founders, making each venture a collective and impactful achievement.

What excites me

I am really excited by founders who come to us not just with tough problems, but with bold, creative ways to fix them. My excitement isn’t boxed into any specific industry; instead, it’s all about supporting the sharp minds out there who’ve spotted something that needs fixing and are on it. Learning about founders’ worlds, and their fresh take on tech is where I become very excited.

The casual me

I currently actively train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been training and competing in various martial arts disciplines from a young age and still spend a great deal of my free time in the martial arts gym. I also love to travel and explore new places 🙂

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