Mikkel Marfelt

Investment Manager

Mikkel Marfelt

Investment Manager


I am Investment Manager here at Dreamcraft Ventures looking for great new startups ideas. I am also always thinking about how Dreamcraft can drive increased value for our founders, and so I am spearheading our value creation platform at Dreamcraft – a platform that is here to support startups when they are going to market and building a commercial function, hiring, fundraising, setting up their board structure, and much more.

My background

Since my childhood, I have been excited about tech trends. I see myself as a technology and science hobbyist having started two companies myself. In 2016, I joined a seed stage startup, Labster, that grew over 6 years to a +500 people company. There, I joined the CEO in driving Series A and B, raising a total of 35m USD. I also hold a PhD focusing on innovation building and currently serve as a member of the Innovation Panel at Copenhagen University.

Companies I’m involved in
  • The Football Club
  • Metafy
What does Dreamcraft mean to me

Dreamcraft to me is supporting the dreamers and the crafters of tomorrow. Building successful companies are such an incredible accomplishment that requires all the support you can get. In Dreamcraft it is in our DNA to support our founders in every way we can, and it excites me how we, Dreamcrafters, are working to be there for the founders every step of the way – we call it hands-on ventures engineers.

What excites me

I am excited to see technology driving new opportunities and shaping our lives. Moreover, I am excited to support the frontrunners in the startup ecosystems who are shaping these new technologies. Oh, and I also love music, sports, and deeptech science stuff.

The casual me

I love socializing and hanging out with my friends and family. I hold a strong network of long-lasting friends, some from my very early childhood years. In fact, I am living in a double house with another family, where the father is someone I have known my whole life – he was one of my first kindergarten friends. Beyond socializing, I love working out and doing sports and I have a passion for music. Sometimes this combination makes me unable to stand still for too long if there is a dancefloor nearby.

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