Mathias Lauritsen

Investment Analyst

Mathias Lauritsen

Investment Analyst


I am part of the Investment Team at Dreamcraft. I spend most of my time working closely with my colleagues in small customized case teams tailor-made to fit the specific investment case. My main responsibilities involve case sourcing, case investment, and case value-add.

My background

After having spent a year working full-time in London at the FinTech bank Banking Circle, I moved to Copenhagen to study a BSc in International Business at CBS. Alongside my bachelor studies, I continued as a Junior Analyst at Banking Circle working in the Financial Planning & Management Reporting team servicing multiple departments within the firm. After finalizing my bachelor studies, I commenced on a MSc in Finance and Strategic Management to further prepare me for my duties at Dreamcraft.

Companies I’m involved in
What does Dreamcraft mean to me

I was immediately intrigued by the story behind the “Dreamcraft” name. I have always seen myself as more a crafter than a dreamer, so I instantly felt a sense of belonging within the company. The Dreamcraft team is a perfect mix of generalists, who have the audacity to dream free, and the knowledge and experience to craft strong, which equips us to help talented founders move forward.

What excites me

Initially, I was drawn into the VC world by an interest in entrepreneurship and investments, but I have already found that there is much more to it than that. One thing that excites me particularly is, how founders present us with some of the current challenges in the world and most importantly their proposed solutions to these. Hence, at the moment my interests are not industry-specific, but rather it is helping the talented founders of the world solve the problems they have identified.

The casual me

In my spare time, I like to work out and watch sports. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and hence I find myself on the train to my hometown in Jutland every once in a while. Lastly, I love traveling and despite my relatively young age I have already visited multiple European, Asian, and North American countries.

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