Magnus Marker

Investment Associate

Magnus Marker

Investment Associate


I am part of the investment team at Dreamcraft. I spend my time scouting for exceptional founders in the Nordics and carry them through our narrow investment gates towards a final investment.

My background

I started my career in sales and made a lot of hard learnings. Transitioned to venture capital in 2017 and have been obsessed with startups since then. Spent my first three years with Nordic Eye, where I focused on B2B SaaS, B2B and B2C marketplaces and consumer verticals, until I later joined the Dreamcraft family in early 2020.

What Dreamcraft means to me

I believe that no one has ever achieved greatness without dreams. It all starts with a dream, however, you must also take action in order to turn that dream into reality. You must dream big, but work harder and execute those dreams via strong craftsmanship.

What excites me

I am particularly excited about consumer-driven tech and ideas/products that change the way we work. Products like Webflow, Zapier, and Notion are not just screens people look at – they shape the way companies operate for the better.

The casual me

I have a crave for outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, tennis, basketball, and football. I am also an avid podcast listener and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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