Mads Hansen

Investment Associate

Mads Hansen

Investment Associate


I am part of the investment team at Dreamcraft. I spend my time working closely with Magnus and Henrik in finding the best dreamers and crafters in the Nordics. My main responsibilities involve case sourcing, investments as well as supporting our current portfolio companies.

My background

I moved to Copenhagen three years ago to study at CBS and almost immediately got a job at a small B2B sales start-up. For over 2.5 years I developed and grew alongside the company, learning valuable skills in culture, organization, and growth. I devoted my first year to commercial excellence. The remaining time I was a part of creating and subsequently executing on different digital transformation projects.

What Dreamcraft means to me

To me, Dreamcraft is the best mix of innovation and execution. Innovation is great, but ultimately needs the right execution to successfully solidify into a business that can grow and thrive. On the other hand, great execution relies on creative and inspiring thoughts to lay the foundation for value creation and disruptive innovation.

What excites me

I have a passion and strong interest in the B2B space, and particularly in start-ups that aim to disrupt legacy industries with new and improved technological solutions. I enjoy working with dynamic and complementing founding teams with insane drive and strong executing abilities.

The casual me

In my free time, I like to work out and play padel. I am also an eager traveler and like to spend my time with good friends and family.

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