Line Aasen

Marketing & PR Associate

Line Aasen

Marketing & PR Associate


I am responsible for marketing and PR at Dreamcraft. My days in the office are spent creating content, operating our marketing channels and finding ways to promote our companies to help them reach their full potential.

My background

I am Norwegian and on my way to Copenhagen I lived in New York where I played college tennis. I have studied everything from media to social entrepreneurship while exploring the startup ecosystem with marketing roles in startups, ecosystem competitions, and incubators.

What Dreamcraft means to me

A dream is something that drives me, makes me push through long working hours whether that’s on the tennis court or at the office. I love to see dreams come alive and craft great content.

What excites me

Sustainability and impact startups are super interesting. Especially cleantech companies that use new technologies to fight climate change.

The casual me

On a sunny day, I enjoy playing tennis with good friends. I also love taking a swim in the ocean – summer and winter!

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