Jesper Søgaard

Founding Partner

Jesper Søgaard

Founding Partner


I am Founding Partner of Dreamcraft. I sit on the investment committee and give feedback on deal pipeline with specific inputs for strategy and commercialization.

My background

I have led the development of Better Collective as Co-founder and CEO since 2004. I have been in charge of our growth plan, acceleration strategy and ultimately stakeholder management. I have driven the expansions into new markets, latest with the addition of Action Network into Better Collective.

Companies I am involved in
What Dreamcraft means to me

Dreamcraft is my passion. Sharing my learnings and using the hard-earned lessons to inspire others, is what Dreamcraft is about. Chasing a dream has always been the source of inspiration to me. I love bold visions and teams that perform together. I am proud of the team we have assembled at Dreamcraft. With that we can help more founders.

What excites me

I am excited about the people we meet in the process. Meeting inspiring and ambitious founders is giving me great joy and being part of the early company-building is very exciting. Each founder story motivates me and brings us forward as a fund.

The casual me

I bike to work in all weather. And then home to my family of 5.

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