Henrik Kristensen

Senior Investment Associate

Henrik Kristensen

Senior Investment Associate


I am an Investment Associate at Dreamcraft. I spend my time scouting for exceptional founders in the Nordics and carry them through our narrow investment gates towards a final investment. I am obsessed about establishing a great partnership with my portfolio founders and do my best helping them progress to the next funding stages.

My background

I have co-founded a startup myself. We failed, but the experience taught me valuable lessons. Before that, I co-founded a software consultancy to save up money to bootstrap the startup. I hold a Master’s in Finance and International Business and have worked with business consultancy and venture capital during my studies.

What Dreamcraft means to me

In my startup, we had dreams, but failed due to lack of craft at the time being young first-time founders. I believe startup success is about mixing the right amounts of wild dreams and solid craft. That is what Dreamcraft means to me. We specialize in crafting early-stage startups and thereby help founders’ dreams come true.

What excites me

Founders who think of their business as a machine and can explain the mechanics of its growth engines. I have a preference for B2B SaaS startups as they typically have fundamental strengths in the business model, ideally with a novel product built by a diverse team with years of deep industry knowledge who also know the importance of an effective distribution model.

The casual me

Simply value having a good time with friends and family on the weekends. Enjoy breaking with everyday life by travelling to foreign countries. Regularly go for a run or do crossfit and have been playing soccer and kitesurfing in the past.

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