Daniel Mariussen

General Partner

Daniel Mariussen

General Partner


I am the General Partner at Dreamcraft. I divide my time between building and improving our company in service of the founders we invest in, and obsessing about stage-progression for cases where I’m the lead investor. Helping great people build great companies is about as close as it gets to a dream job for me. So I am basically the luckiest guy on earth.

My background

My first gig out of school was serving as a transaction services professional for PwC’s M&A advisory arm in Copenhagen. I spent four years learning that trade, then jumped ship in 2014 and co-founded a startup. Raised some funds, and made about every mistake you can possibly make. Ultimately closed shop in 2016. The best of times, the worst of times.

Companies I am involved in
What Dreamcraft means to me

A dream to me, is what I had when I did my own startup. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dream. Its necessary. But I learned the hard way, that VCs ultimately rely on real-world ‘markers of success’ as proxies for how great your dream is. And there’s just a huge amount of craftsmanship that goes into producing those markers across the right dimensions, on the right timeline. Dreamcraft is fundamentally about helping other founders avoid making the same mistakes as me by offering the craft-side of that equation, to founders who bring the dream.

What excites me

Distribution-oriented founders, who obsess about repetitive growth mechanics and unit economics. Grown-ups who think of themselves as company-owners, with all the responsibilities that entails, rather than ‘startup founders’. I am people-focused in my approach to investing, and therefore have fewer space preferences than other investors I think.

The casual me

Running, running, running. When I am done with venture, or when venture is done with me, I just want to run around in forests across Europe every day and listen to podcasts.

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