Christian Rasmussen

Founding Partner

Christian Rasmussen

Founding Partner


I am Founding Partner of Dreamcraft. I sit on the investment committee and give feedback on deal pipeline with specific inputs for operational excellence and market fit.

My background

I have led the development of Better Collective as COO since 2004. I have overseen and executed the strategy – and thereby brought the company from strength to strength, growing the headcount, increasing revenues and constantly improving our product.

Companies I am involved in
What Dreamcraft means to me

Dreamcraft is a hub for enabling passionate founders with clever capital and sound operational and strategic advice. I believe in dreaming big and crafting your own future.

What excites me

I’m excited about the synergies between tech, user needs, content and marketing. Dreamcraft gives me a framework where I can empower more founders to achieve the sweet spot between tech and commercial.

The casual me

A playful dad lifting a weight or two when time allows.

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