1:1 Coaching from the best players in the world.

At series A stage in 2022
United States
esports, gaming, edtech
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What they do
Metafy is a platform that enables the best esports players in the world to monetize their talent through 1:1 coaching and courses both synchronously and asynchronously. At scale, the product will be a fully integrated experience arching across not only 1:1 coaching, but also video content learning and proprietary tournament formats. The envisaged grand total is a unified community for gamers around their ‘learning-to-earning’ journeys.
Why we invested
We invested into Josh and his team, driven in large part by the magnitude of the vision here. Metafy is gunning for something very difficult; to unify a community around gamers’ lifetime development cycle all the way from coaching, to learning through to monetisation via proprietary tournament formats.

By starting with 1:1 coaching, and the progressively launching new product spaces around learning and tournaments the goal is to own that complete journey. We believe that a number of virtuous cycles can ignite across different user segments by taking this unified approach and that the result will be incredibly interesting unit economics at scale. Something that has so far been elusive in the esports and Gaming/EdTech intersection.

It is big, it is bold and filled with yet uncovered territory. But we are willing to underwrite that risk, in large part driven by the team behind which we view as a balanced mix of dreamers and crafters.

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