Alma Holst

Investment Associate

Alma Holst

Investment Associate


I’m part of the investment team at Dreamcraft. I spend my time working closely with Magnus and Henrik in finding the best dreamers and crafters in the Nordics. I also devote some of my time to expanding Dreamcraft’s presence in Sweden, where I am from.

My background

I moved to Copenhagen from Stockholm about three years ago, in part to study my Master’s at Copenhagen Business School, and in part to discover my Danish roots. Alongside my studies, I have explored different parts of the Nordic startup ecosystem. Startups, consulting and early-stage investing – I have tried a little bit of everything!

Companies I am involved in
What Dreamcraft means to me

To me, Dreamcraft summarizes what it is about startup founders that fascinates and inspires me so much. Not everyone allows themselves to dream big and even fewer people dare to craft those dreams into reality. It truly requires guts and dedication and I admire all great startup founders out there for it.

What excites me

I have worked for several great consumer startups in the past. From that, I have developed a special interest in the vertical as well as an obsession for strong brands and I love meeting founders who share that obsession.

The casual me

I spend my nights and weekends dreaming and crafting a startup together with a close friend. When I am not working, seeing my friends and family is my top priority. If that also happens to be in a good restaurant or out in nature, I am in my happy place.

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