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In 2022
At seed stage in 2023
United Kingdom
Ecommerce & Marketplace businesses
Co investors
Picus Capital
Oktogon Ventures
What they do
Eversync is a London-based SaaS startup that provides an AI-powered observability & routing system (like Datadog) for business operations teams. Eversync acts as a layer between data sources and operational tools, empowering non-technical users to detect and prioritize incidents, and set up workflows for quick resolution.
Why we invested
We believe Zoltan and Wolfgang are building a critical component of the modern data stack for OpsTeams by combining alerting and monitoring functionalities with accountability workflows and smart routing. The market for operations observability remains largely unexplored and is primed for innovative disruption. Eversync is uniquely positioned to pioneer this space with their superior product and clear strategic direction. The key differentiator is their highly skilled and knowledgeable team, instilling in us complete trust in their strategic vision and ability to execute effectively.

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